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Those of you who have been to my site before the overhaul may notice a drastic change in this section. Don't worry, this should clear up all the confusion that seems to have been clogging up my e-mailbox.

The awards are listed here. I am a fairly nice person, and if your site deserves one of my awards, I will be more than happy to give it to you. IF you deserve it, that is. I won't sugar coat this for you. These awards are very hard to win. But if your site is already good, they are very simple to win, as all you must do is send me your information. Take a look, and see if your site has the spiff(?) to win!

To enter, simply email to me the following: your name, your email address, your site's name, your site's address, the award you are applying for, and why you think you deserve it. A link to my site never hurts, and signing my guestbook probably wouldn't KILL you...

Oh, and one thing. Any emails saying anything along the general lines of "I apply for all of them," will be promptly deleted. I don't care if you ARE the Simpsons Sourcebook, I don't care. The reason I made all these awards is so you can tell me what your site focusses around, just by showing me the award(s) you apply for yourself.

Anyway, take a look. See what you like. Email me. Leave here a winner!

Award #1

Title: The Cause For Rejoicing Award
Character(s): The Flanderises
Measures: Enjoyability
No Chance of Winning if: site puts me to sleep; site is not Simpsons related; site contains any form of profanity and/or nudity NOT included in the television program. (Please note these four guidelines apply to the rest of the awards also.)
Comments: This is a fairly easy award to win. Just be there, and be good. This doesn't measure exciting layout or anything beyond the reach of any beginning page maker, so this is probably the one award here that EVERYbody has a chance of winning.
Award #2

Title: The Second Glance Award
Character(s): Wiggum, Eddie and Lou
Measures: Bookmarkability
No Chance of Winning if: everything fun on site is exhausted during first visit; whatever is left to see is just not worth seeing again.
Comments: You have to be really good to win this one, with plenty of fun stuff to keep me coming back for more. If it's a site I can just see once, and never care about again, don't expect to win this one any time soon.
Award #3

Title: The Outstanding Sycophant Award
Character(s): Wayland Smithers
Measures: Devotion/knowledge
No Chance of Winning if: site contains faulty and/or false information; site makes "guesses" about things it doesn't know; site contains only common knowledge; site hardly seems to watch the show at all; site makes me say "duh."
Comments: This award is for sites that take the next step. This is more than just being there, this is showing off that you are there. If you know a lot about the Simpsons, flaunt it, and you could win this one. This is not an award based on quality, although the site does have to be fairly good to win. This award is given to those who know what they're talking about...which is (unfortunately) suprisingly rare.
Award #4

Title: The Great Content Award
Character(s): Bart Simpson
Measures: Quality
No Chance of Winning if: site seems to be...missing something; site contains broken images and/or links (banner exchange programs with broken images and/or links are happens, and it's not the site's fault, it's the program's fault. No points will be docked for faulty banners); site contains too much outdated material; site is "skin and bones", no meat; site is slathered in those stupid smiley faces; site motif is not consistant;
Comments: Personally I think this award looks pretty darn cool. That alone prompts me to judge toughly on this one. Don't think you don't have a chance. You do. Everyone does. But please, please, please, step back and take a look at your site before you submit it for this one. Make sure it's something you are proud of, and be as tough a judge as you expect me to be.
Award #5

Title: The Exceptional Originality Award
Character(s): Lionel Hutz
Measures: Originality
No Chance of Winning if: Site has ANYTHING stolen from (although the capsules may be used to quote an episode); site is just a list of links; site has no variety; site contains too many things I could find anywhere; site does not contain new ideas or sections; site does not make me say, "I wish I'd thought of that;" site has the stupid cloud background; site is named after its owner (ie: "Bob's Simpson Site" or "My Simpsons Site," etc.); sites title proclaims it to be great, containing words such as "ultimate," "supreme," "superb," "extra-special," "really cool," "perfect," "recherche," or the like.
Comments: Why do I expect to give out very few of these? Please be original. Please. I beg of you. I am sick to death of the boring old Simpsons sites that seem to be made from a Simpson site template. Very few sites have original sections on their page. I understand that it is tough to come up with new ideas, which is why I give out this award. To show my appreciation for using your brain.
Award #6


Title: The King of the Simpsons Sites Award
Character(s): ???
Measures: Supreme excellence on ALL accounts
No Chance of Winning if: site has not won all of the previous five awards.
Comments: All you have to do to win this supreme award is win the previous five. If you do so, then you have acheived everything I could hope to see in a Simpsons site, and you will become king. This award is custom made, so I will not post it here. That, and I am sure some idiot would steal it. Thinking about it, there are probably only about five of these that will ever be handed out. Get a move on improving your site, and apply for these awards today. You may surprise yourself, and win them all!

Phil Reed
1) Your name
2) Your email address
3) Your site's name
4) Your site's address
5) The award you are applying for...and why

See who won these awards, and patronize their more than worthy sites!
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