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Win an Award of Your Own!

Do you have a site? ANY site? Why not apply for one of my awards below? If you win, not only will you get a cool award to show the world how worthy your site is, but you will also receive a link from this page, and as page owners know, you can never have too many links. So take a look around, see what award you would like to apply for, and drop me a line! And remember not to be shy...EVERYbody has a chance!

Award #1--Flanders

I know this award doesn't seem like much, but what do you expect from the easiest one to win? You don't even need a Simpsons site to snag this one, all you need is a site, with fair content. It doesn't have to look or sound good, it just has to be there, and be fun. This is truly an award that is within the reach of any site owner (unlike a spot in the Simpsons Connection ring!) So if you have a site--ANY site--which you are proud of and would like more traffic to, apply for this award. You have a better chance of winning than you may think!

Award #2--Wiggum, Eddie, and Lou

This award goes only to Simpsons sites, and GOOD ones. There are so many crappy, slipshod sites out there (why can't FOX shut THOSE down?) and this award is meant to make it so much easier to find the ones worth looking at. This award is not hard to win, really. Just don't be trite, monotonous, or otherwise generic, and you have a good chance of winning this one. Also, remember that with this award comes a VERY good title to have in today's web world. You will be hailed as one of the best Simpsons sites ANYwhere, and if that doesn't increase your hit meter, nothing will.

Award #3--Wayland Smithers

This award measures devotion, rather than quality. While a site must be good to win this award, it does not have to be spectacular. To win this your site must be a Simpsons one, it must have good content, and must show off how good a watcher/fan you are. You don't have to be obsessed, you just need to know what you're talking about! Sounds like every site should have one then? Then you, my friend, have not been looking around!

Award #4--???

I will not post the image here, as I am sure some idiot would steal it. This award is indeed a very special one, as it proclaims your site to be King of the Simpsons sites! It will have your name inscribed, along with your site title, and the number winner you are. That may sound like I will give out a lot, but really it's more like 5 that will ever be handed out. To earn yourself this SUPREME award, all you have to do is earn the other three. If you do that, it is obvious that you have fulfilled every aspect I could hope to see in a Simpsons site, and you will become king. Be sure to apply for the other may be surprised and win them all!

To apply for any of these awards (they must be applied for one at a time) simply email me by clicking my address below, and send me your name, your email address, your site's name, your site's address, the award you are applying for, and, in 50 words or less, the reason you think you deserve it. Don't let that scare you, though. One by one they may be pretty easy to win!

Phil Reed
United States

These awards are BRAND NEW, so don't expect many winners just yet. If you see my award anywhere, come here. If they are not listed RIGHT BELOW THIS NOTICE then the AWARD HAS BEEN STOLEN! Send this site owner an email telling him that you know, and tell me. I will then create a "Lame Duck" page for everyone that stole the awards, so we can all gang up on them. There, won't that be fun?
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Simpsonaholics Anonymous This site is a dual winner: The Flanders award and the Wayland Smithers award. The contest section on this site is a very original, and fun way to give out awards. She obviously knows a lot about the show (check out her Springfieldian score!) and that has earned her the Outstanding Sycophant. And many other enjoyable sections, such as Simpsonaholics, and a very nice news sections which tells you more than what's going tells you how she feels about it, have earned her the Cause For Rejoicing. Pay this site a visit. I really doubt you will leave with complaints.
Mayor Quimby's Tourist Trap Formerly "Mayor Quimby's Calendar of Events," a great site has been made even better in the update. Please pay this site a visit. I beg of you. It is one of the few wholly original sites on the web, it makes you laugh, and it is FILLED TO THE BRIM with everything you could ever want to know, and see, about the show. This is really an excellent site, and I would put my money on it that this is the BEST Simpsons site on the web. (Sans The Simpsons Sourcebook and The Simpsons Archives.)
Little Pwagmattasquarmsettport Did I spell that right? God I hope so. Anyway, this is another really good page that I hope you all decide to check out. Based upon the "Summer of 4ft. 2" episode this page is surprisingly good. When you dedicate your page to a particular character, you limit how far it can go. You limit it even more dedicating it to a certain episode, and that is why I am so glad this page turned out as good as it did! It's amazing how a page dedicated to just one little section of the show is better than many I have seen dedicated to the entire series! She (she is only 12 by the way) has won the Wayland Smithers and Flanders awards and is chock full of Simpsony goodness of all kinds. You just have to see for yourself!
The Homer Simpson Homepage A stellar page! Some of the sites dedicated to only a single character have not stood out as much as many would like, but this one does. Very well. It is a site to be proud of, as are the two awards he has earned for it! The Wiggum award along with the Smithers award should tell you that this is definitely a site worth a glance before FOX gets its hands on it. Yes, this is going to be a site shut down if it's not careful, and this Homer page is really something the Simpsons community should be sorry to lose. Check it out now, while you still can!
MicroSimpsons This page is very good, and so it has earned the Second Glance award, as it promises much to come in the future, and I will be eagerly awaiting it! It's a spoof on MicroSoft, and a fairly good one. This site has been remodled from another one, and this new layout is very young. There will be much more to come, but check it out now, and be sure to look at the animated GIFs! I always loved those things...
Brad's Simpsons Page Okay, I think we can all agree that this site needs a new name, but trust me, that should be the only thing you are complaining about here. My very first winner, Brad has snagged himself the Flanders award, and rightfully so! This site is home to a cool page of games that I have never seen before, and much much more! It's surprising he did not run out of web space. Let's all visit Brad and congratulate him, 'kay?
The Simpsons Extravaganza This site has won the Flanders award, and once again rightfully so. When I first saw this site I had the idea that perhaps it was a ripoff of other things already on the web. Not true. Not at all. You can tell the owner put a lot of hard work into this, and I really feel he has something to be proud of. Also a cool list of the funny things Milhouse has done. A really fun site!