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Phil Reed
United States

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The Simpson Zone (TM)
A nice, enjoyable site full of pictures and sounds (of course,) but it also has more. It has a collection of articles on the show (which I love) and interviews with people behind the scenes. The index page has been remade, and it looks very professional. He assures us that soon the whole site will look that way. Pay this area a visit, and see if you don't like it.
The Las Vegas Sun--Simpsons House
I got an email asking me to add this site. I was surprised, because it was a REAL site! A PROFESSIONAL site! That means that word of my site is getting around! People see me as a place that matters! A springboard to hits galore! I am king! I am king of the--oh yeah--sorry. Anyway, this site is a really cool site. If you have been as keen on the idea of the real Simpsons House giveaway, you should like it too. It contains MANY articles on the show promotion, along with picture after picture after picture! I went to this site and enjoyed it greatly. I suggest you pay it a visit also. You have nothing to lose!
Brian's Tribute to The Simpsons
A great fan site. One of the best on the web! Original screen grabs that you can't find anywhere else, great profiles of characters (more coming soon), his own award, and so much more really makes this site more than worth your time! Also, thanks to Brian's screen grab section for the following: my Troy McClure head, the center of my Bart award, and the final pics in "33 Short Films About Springfield." Thanks, Brian!
The Simpsons Sourcebook
Now THIS is a Simpsons site! I owe a great deal of my graphics to this wonderful area that any Simpsons fan will have no trouble falling in love with. Seriously, you would be a fool to pass this up!
I don't know what this is. It doesn't have a link to me but I don't care. This is one of the coolest sites I've ever seen, and you should love it if you have a reload button. Have fun with this!
Homer Simpson
An unofficial Homer site that is surprisingly good for what you'd probably expect! Many great pics, a biography, and a great (unfortunately small) collection of sounds. Check this one out!