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742 Evergreen Terrace
Here you can find:

Frank Grimes (Phil Reed)
Homepage: Springfield Denizens Analyzed!
Quiz score: 95/95
Favorite episode: heh my list

She's the Fastest (She's the Fastest)
Homepage: Little Pwagmattasquarmsettport
Quiz score: 69/95
Favorite episode: "Homer the Heretic"

And in Bart's treehouse:

Ralph Wiggum (Jonelle)
Homepage: Simpsonaholics Anonymous
Quiz score: 71/95
Favorite episode: ???

The Stately Burns Manor
Here you can find:

C. Montgomery Burns (Simpsonfreak)
Homepage: Simpsonfreak's Simpson Page
Quiz score: 64/95
Favorite episode: ???

Krusty-lu Studios
Here you can find:

Krusty the Clown (Brian Chen)
Homepage: Brian's Tribute to the Simpsons
Quiz score: 59/95
Favorite episode: "King-Size Homer"