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Become an Official Springfieldian!

Find out how to sign up below!

Okay, here's the deal. You too can become an official Springfieldian, just like anybody you see on The Simpsons! All you have to do is this. Readt this page, and answer the questions below. Not much at all! Get a fair amount of questions right, and you are smart enough to be a real denizen of the town.

If you are accepted, here is what happens. You get a customized version of the above photo (or a customized version of another photo I have been working on. In this one your name and score is tattooed on Groundskeeper Willie's chest. Check out the sample of a previous winner of this trivia.)

That is your confirmation that you have done well enough. Now comes the fun part. I will create a new Springfield Map on my page. All you have to do is have a little fun. You choose what denizen you would like to be! Set up an address (742 Evergreen Terrace is taken by yours truly!) or choose which building you would like to have your profile posted in (Springfield Elementary, Moe's Tavern, The Android's Dungeon, etc.) and the name of your character! Here is where you will have to hurry up. If your favorite character is Moe, get a move on and join so nobody else can take that character before you get here. If your favorite character is Hans Moleman, and nobody else has chosen that name, then you become Hans Moleman. And if you want Hans Moleman to hang out around Springfield Gorge, then Hans Moleman will hang around Springfield Gorge! See? A whole lot of fun. In your profile will be whatever information you want the world to see, including email address and homepage address. Oh, and if you don't make it into the Springfieldians, go ahead and steal the graphic above. I don't care. Yeah, you'll have the graphic but all that will do is give my site more traffic and you won't get any benefits from the club.


Ready? Here are 25 questions for you to answer. You don't need to get them all DO need to TRY them all. The numbers in parenthesis are the point value for that getting a lot of easy ones wrong can be made up for by getting just one hard one right. It all balances out. Oh, and if you don't get enough points to make it into the club, I will be giving bonus points for great web pages. Not many, but some. That may be all you need. Since I stink with HTML and can't do forms, just highlight the 25 questions and paste them into an email with your answers. Give it a shot, and become an Official Springfieldian!

And now the questions...

Name the mayor (1), his nephew (2) and his brother (4).

Where did Homer get his couch (5)?

How old was Homer before he realized working is for chumps (3)?

Who held hands with Bart in Hands Across America (5)?

How many times was Selma married (2)?

Who did Homer say gave him the cowboy outfit (2)?
(Please be as specific as Homer was.)

Name two occupations of Hans Moleman (6).

What does Carl think they do with the sealed barrels of ooze (2)?

What did the newspaper say when Homer ran out onto the field during a game (2)?
(Doesn't have to be verbatim, just come close.)

How much was the card table in the church bulletin (3)?

What charity does Krusty collect for (1)?

What does Barney mistake for Princess Di (3)?

What is Lisa going to change her name to when she grows up (5)?

How much are Milhouseís glasses worth (3)?

What does the class think Bart brought to show and tell (2)?

What was Snagglepuss doing when Ralph saw him outside (4)?

When donít Patty and Selma let the line move (2)?

What did Homer agree to do if Patty and Selma stopped coming to the house (3)?

According to Selma, when does smoke smell good (4)?

Before the Simpsons address was "Evergreen," what street did they live on (5)?
(Please note: they lived in the same house...but what was the name of the street before the writers changed it to Evergreen?)

Mr. Burns is the richest guy Homer knows. Way richer than who (3)?

What was the name on Bartís fake ID (4)?

What is the abbreviation of the state Springfield is in (7)?
(Yes, they did give the abbreviation.)

Skinner thanks God for what man (3)?

Where did Abe live when he first came to America (2) and why did he have to move from there (3)?

Name eight recurring characters who have eyebrows (4).
(Surprisingly hard, isn't it?)

Got that? Now paste it into an email, answer the questions, and send it in. As of now you need 55 points to be accepted, but if these are too hard and too many people miss out, I will lower that. Also, I am not an ogre. Did you think I was an ogre? Why I should club you and eat your bones!

No, I'm no ogre. If you miss by only a point or two, I'll still let you in. Also remember the bonus points for having a great page.

Send me your answers and I will write back with how many points you scored. I won't tell you what you got wrong, or right, but I will give you your score, and you can try as many times as you like. And you don't even need a Simpsons site to get bonus points...ANY site will do!

To enter, send me your parents' brains. Or write "parents' brains" on a 3x5 card and mail it to Phil Reed. Or just send me your answers. It's your call.
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Current Standings: (profile page coming soon)
(out of 95 possible points)
Phil Reed (me!)
Character--Frank Grimes
Address--742 Evergreen Terrace

Character--Ralph Wiggum (Jonelle has recieved +5 for her page, and +5 for pointing out an inconsitancy in one of my questions.)

"She's the Fastest"
Character--She's the Fastest
Address--742 Evergreen Terrace
(Please note that S.T.F. has graciously declined the bonus points offered to her for having a great site. 5pts is the maximum you can get, and she was offered all 5, which she did not accept. In her own words, "I don't want the extra points, it wouldn't be fair to the others." Also note that the extra points would have given her the high score. She bowed down from the top position because it wouldn't be fair to the others. Kudos, S.T.F. Thank you for not taking advantages, even if I did offer them to you! Now that's just plain being a great sport.)

Character--C. Montgomery Burns
Address--Stately Burns Manor

Brian Chen
Character--Krusty the Clown
Address--Krusty-lu Studios

Wants to be--Barney Gumbell

Wants to be--Homer Simpson