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A Complete(?) Simpsons Cast List

Miss Albright-Bart and Lisa’s Sunday school teacher.  Tries desperately to achieve comprehension.
Aristotle Amodopoulus-owner of the Shelbyville Nuclear Power Plant.
Gina Ballerina-A Krusty show regular.
Rex Banner-takes over Wiggum’s job in tracking down the beer baron during the prohibition.
Benjamin-nerd who helped Homer pass a necessary course in college.
Mr. Bergstrom-Lisa’s favorite teacher, substitute for Ms. Hoover.
Bill-a DJ on KBBL.
Mr. Blackheart-ivory dealer.
Blinky-mutated fish with three eyes, caught in the river near the Power Plant, causes Burns to lose election.
Bobo-the long gone(?) bear from Mr. Burns’s childhood.
Wendell Borton-Bart’s classmate who always gets sick on bus rides. 
Lucille Botzcowski-the Baby-sitter Bandit.
Gladys Bouvier-Patty and Selma and Marge’s aunt.  Deceased.
"Grandma" Jackie Bouvier-Marge’s mother, falls for Grandpa.
Patty Bouvier-Marge’s sister who smokes too much and is always around Selma.  Teases Homer.
Selma Bouvier-Terwilliger-Hutz-McClure-Patty’s companion, will only marry once more for money.
Brandine-Cletus’s better half.
Kent Brockman-Springfield anchorman, once host of Smartline.
Charles Montgomery Burns-elderly rich owener of Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.  Depends on Smithers.
George Burns-Mr. Burns’s brother.
Larry Burns-Mr. Burns’s illegitimate son, full of sarcasm and observations.
Capital City Goofball-the baseball mascot of Capital City.
Carl-Homer’s coworker.  Black.  Lenny’s companion.
Superintendent Chalmers-Springfield School District Superintendent.  Skinner’s foil.
Chopper-Gummy Joe’s tooth.
Scott Christian-Smartline Anchorman.
Cletus-the slack-jawed yokel.  The stereotypical southerner.
Dr. Colossus-mad scientist.
Dr. Crab-Radioactive Man’s nemesis.
Arthur Crandall-the Gabbo puppeteer. 
Crusher-one of the goons Mr. Burns hired.
Della-Lionel Hutz’s secretary.
Amber Dempsey-Little Miss Springfield.
Disco Stu-a man still trapped in the 70s (with fish still trapped in his shoes.)
Dolph-Springfield Elementary bully, hair combed over his face.
Principal Harlan Dondelinger-Marge and Homer’s former high school principal.
Lunch Lady Doris-large lunch lady at Springfield Elementary.  Greases up Willie.  Pimply teen’s mother.
Doug-another one of Homer’s nerd friends.
Eddie-one of Springfield’s cops under Chief Wiggum.
Emma-The bee man’s (yes he has one) wife.
Erin-Lisa’s first "real" friend.
Fallout Boy-Radioactive Man’s sidekick.
Fat Tony-local mobster.
Mrs. Feesh-the church organ player.
Smilin’ Joe Fission-character from the Power Plant’s public relations films.
Maude Flanders-Ned’s wife.  The victim of his "outburst" after he had his one and only drink.
Ned Flanders-Homer’s thoroughbred Christian neighbor who goes insane when his house is destroyed.
Rod Flanders-the eldest Flanders child.
Todd Flanders-the youngest Flanders child.
Professor John Frink-local inventor who offers his "expert" analysis on a variety of subjects.
Gabbo-television puppet who beats Krusty in ratings.
Gary-the third of Homer’s nerds.
Ms. Glick-elderly woman who lives by the Simpsons.
Brad Goodman-the self-help "do what you feel" guru.
Frank Grimes-Homer’s coworker that is driven mad by Homer’s work habits.  Deceased.
Al Gumbell-owner of Barney’s Bowl-A-Rama, Barney’s uncle.
Barney Gumbell-fat town drunk, known for his belches and uncanny ability to feel little pain.
Gummy Joe-elderly one toothed man who works at the Power Plant.
Handsome Pete-dancing, accordion-playing midget who bears an uncanny resemblance to Krusty.
Colonel Hapablap-air force colonel.
The Happy Little Elves-Yendor, Bubbles, Doofy, Moldy, and Chilly, the elf that cannot love.
Herman-war vet with one arm who owns an antique store, and has a rather interesting sexual fixation.
Dr. Julius Hibbert-Simpsons trusted family physician, laughs at the most inopportune moments.
Ms. Elizabeth Hoover-Lisa’s bespectacled teacher, frequently called upon by Ralph Wiggum for assistance.
Adil Hoxha-Albanian spy.
Lionel Hutz-a bad lawyer, career shattered with booze.  In cahoots with Dr. Nick Riviera.
Itchy-violent cartoon mouse.
Jasper-elderly citizen, Grandpa’s friend.  Resident of the Springfield Retirement Castle.
Corky "Jimbo" Jones-a bully around Springfield Elementary.  Hangs out with Dolph, Kearney and Nelson.
Jub-jub-Selma’s pet iguana. 
Kang-green alien from Rigel 4.
Karl-Homer’s secretary.
Princess Kashmir-a dancer in Springfield.  Homer got in a spot of trouble when he was caught with her.
Kearny-very old bully in Springfield Elementary.  Drives a Hyundai and has a son.  Got a divorce.
Miss Edna Krabappel-Bart’s aging teacher, looking desperately for romance.
Herschel Schlomo Krustovsky-Krusty the clown, an illiterate children’s television personality.
Rabbi Hyman Krustovsky-Krusty’s father.
Leon Kompowski-mental patient whom Homer believes is Michael Jackson.
Kudose-the other alien from Rigel 4.
Lyle Lanley-con man who sells Springfield a shoddy monorail.
Chester J. Lampwick-the real creator of Itchy and Scratchy.
Mr. Dewey Largo-Lisa’s music teacher, also a big influence on her work.
Larry-regular at Moe’s Tavern.
Jack Larson-President of Laramie Cigarettes. 
Legs-one of the mobsters under Fat Tony
Lenny-Homer’s coworker, and one of Homer’s best friends.
Leopold-Chalmers’s Nazi-type assistant.
Lewis-Bart’s black friend, hangs out with Bart, Richard and Milhouse.
Professor Lombardo-Springfield Community College art teacher.
Lou-another of Springfield’s incompetent officers of the law.
Louie-another mobster.
Lowblow-one of Mr. Burns’s hired goons.
Helen Lovejoy-the pastor’s gossipy wife.
Jessica Lovejoy-the pastor’s bad apple of a daughter.  Bart’s former love interest.
Reverend Timothy Lovejoy-Springfield’s pastor with little devotion to the Bible.
Luigi-owner of pizza restaurant.
Lurleen Lumpkin-budding country singer that Homer helps to rise to the top.
MacGarnicle-detective character on one of Homer’s favorite shows.
Malibu Stacy-Barbie knockoff. 
Malloy-cat burglar.
Otto Mann-Springfield Elementary bus driver.  Allows children to try and tip the bus during sharp turns.
Marty-the other KBBL DJ.  Bill’s partner.
Captain Horatio McAllister-an old man obsessed with being a sea captain.
McBain-(see Ranier Wolfecastle)
Troy McClure-television/movie/everything personality.  Has a fish fetish which ruined his career.

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Ms. Mellon-Bart’s learning coordinator at gifted school.
Senator Mendoza-McBain’s arch enemy.
Hans Moleman-an elderly 31 year old whose life and appearance were ruined by alcoholism.
Dr. Marvin Monroe-psychiatrist who tries to help the Simpson family achieve togetherness.  Deceased.
Nelson Muntz-chubby, vest wearing bully.  Briefly dates Lisa.  Also Lisa’s first kiss.  Likes to tease.
"Bleeding Gums" Murphy-Jazzman influence on Lisa, recently deceased, Hibbert’s possible brother.
Roger Meyers, Jr.-president of Itchy and Scratchy International, claims to have created them.
Captain Lance Murdock-daredevil who got Bart interested in the trade.
Apu Nahasapeemapetilan-Hindu owner of the Kwik-E-Mart, a small convenience store in Springfield.
Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilan-Apu’s brother, not as seasoned in the ways of the world as Apu.
MacArthur Parker-Troy McClure’s agent.
Pedro-plays a Spanish speaking bee on channel ocho and channel six.  Actually speaks English well.
Miss Lois Pennycandy-Krusty’s executive assistant.
Arnie Pie "In the Sky"-Springfield traffic reporter.
Poochie-Dog character added to the Itchy and Scratchy Show to boost low ratings.
Herb Powell-Homer’s half brother, loses his fortune, regains it by inventing a baby translating device.
Laura Powers-dates Jimbo Jones, much to Bart’s dismay.
Ruth Powers-Springfield newcomer.  Bart falls for her daughter and Marge befriends her.
Martin Prince-genius in Bart’s class who is teased and never at haste to flaunt his intelligence.
Princess-Lisa’s pony.
Dr. J. Loren Pryor-Springfield district psychiatrist.
Corporal Punishment-Maintains order amongst the audience at Krusty’s show.
"Sideshow" Raheem-Krusty’s sidekick in the 70’s.
Freddy Quimby-Mayor Quimby’s spoiled nephew.
Jackie Quimby-the mayor’s wife.
Mayor "Diamond" Joe Quimby-town’s corrupt mayor who cheats on his wife and cares little of his town. 
Radioactive Man-comic book super hero, and main character of an abandoned film project.
Dr. Nick Riviera-discount doctor who is almost always in some sort of trouble over his faulty practices.
Rowena-local celebrity/skin care consultant.
Roxie-Mayor Quimby’s secretary.
Sam-another regular at Moe’s Tavern.
Santa’s Little Helper-former racing dog, current Simpson family pet.
Scratchy-Itchy’s feline punching bag.
Serak the Preparer-cook on the ship from Rigel 4.
Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo-an actual person with the stupidest name Moe has ever heard.
General Sherman-the catfish that legends are made of.
Jay Sherman-insane film critic.
Sherri-Terri’s identical twin.
She’s the Fastest-Santa’s Little Helper’s better half.
Beatrice Simmons-Grandpa’s lady friend. Deceased.
Mindy Simmons-Homer’s female coworker who is much like him.
"Grandpa" Abraham Simpson-Homer and Herb’s frequently ailing father.
Bartholomew J. Simpson-young troublemaker.  A lot like his father, though he won’t admit to it.
Homer J. Simpson-obese safety inspector at the Power Plant.  A regular at Moe’s Tavern.
Lisa Simpson-young musician who can’t play professionally due to the state of her stubby hands.
Maggie Simpson-the Simpson baby who shot Mr. Burns.
Marjorie Simpson-voice of reason not only for the Simpson house, but for Springfield as a whole.
Mona Simpson-Homer’s mother.  On the run.
Agnes Skinner-Seymour’s mother, lives with her son.
Principal Seymour "Spanky" Skinner-SE’s bumbling principal, kisses up to his mother and Chalmers.
Skowie-McBain’s sidekick.
Wayland Smithers-Burns’s resident sycophant.  In love with his employer.
Snake-Sprigfield’s full time criminal.  Snack tattooed on his forearm.
Snowball I-first Simpson pet cat.  Deceased.
Snowball II-second Simpson pet cat.
Snuffy-Lisa’s hamster.  Deceased.
Dr. Spirograph-man who blames society’s decline on the virtual disappearance of the Spirograph.
Jebediah Obadiah Zachariah Jedediah Springfield-(aka Hans Sprungfeld.)  Town founder(?)
Stampy-Bart’s elephant.  KBBL’s "something stupid."
Samantha Steinkie-Milhouse’s first girlfriend…the cause of Bart and Milhouse’s falling out.
Momar "Moe" Syzslak-Owner of Moe’s Tavern, former boxer, former school teacher, former speakeasy.
Terri-Sherri’s identical twin.
Allison Taylor-Lisa’s classmate, seems to excel at everything further than Lisa.
Mr. Teeny-Krusty’s cigar smoking chimp.
"Sideshow" Bob Underdunk Terwilliger-Krusty’s former sidekick, repeatedly tries to murder Bart.
Truckasaurus-robotic car-eating truck.
Uter-fat German kid in Bart’s class.
"Sideshow" Mel VanHorn-Krusty’s current, abused sidekick.
Kirk VanHouten-Milhouse’s father, ignites his own divorce and seeks fulfillment of singing professionally. 
Luann VanHouten-Milhouse’s mother who does not mind her divorce.
Milhouse VanHouten-Bart’s best friend who has a crush on Lisa and is most likely insane.
Police Chief Clancy Wiggum-overfed, underworked Chief of Police.  Investigates Burns’s shooting.
Ralph Wiggum-the "slow" son of Police Chief Wiggum in Lisa’s class.
Groundskeeper Willie-the Scottish employee of Springfield Elementary.  An oddly powerful man.
Sylvia Winfield-Homer’s other neighbor.
Miss Emily Winthrop-owner and trainer of the Canine College.
Obergruppenfuehrer Wolfecastle-McBain’s accouncer on Up Late With McBain.
Ranier  Wolfcastle-Australian action film star.
Yodelin’ Zeke-a yodeler at the Beer-N-Brawl.
Artie Ziff-Marge’s date for senior prom.  Became a millionaire.

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