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Awards I Have Won!

That's right, boys and girls, I have gone and captured myself the coveted...

Groundskeeper Willie Haggis Award!

This is the very first award my site has won, and I am very proud of it! And seriously that's quite a big deal. Never before has such a smile been brought upon my face by a Scottsman and a pile of haggis!

My second award is one I really feel I should be proud of...(and so I AM!)

Doesn't the award just say it all?

I was so proud to recieve an award such as this, and let me tell you this guy does not just hand them out! Just the name gives me reason to come back and do this some more!

And here's my third award, which I give as much a smile to as any other!

Zach's Simpsons Award!

Yeah, I won ANOTHER one! If the awards keep coming at this rate I will end up with about forty by the end of the week. But let's not talk crazy, 'kay?

Now THIS is an award I am SO proud of myself for earning!


Yes, ANOTHER award for excellence! Woohoo!

Award number four...and I'm as happy as I was with the first one! One of the reasons I like this is because it comes right from an actual Simpsons episode. The other reason I like this is because it's MINE!

David, the man who gave me my first award, came back and decided my site was worthy of a second!

That's right, I now have BOTH of his awards!

With this award I not only round off my collection to an even 5, but I also have both of David's awards. I hear he will have a third, thougher one to get. But hey, go for the gold!

Award number six...

As we all know...if Bart says it it MUST be true!

Yes, another award that says it all. If you have a site, with an award like this, you know how just getting it in your mailbox can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Or is that just me...

Lucky number seven award is also my first Belgian award!

SuperFrank's Golden Homie

Homer's Belgian? Who woulda thunk it?

According to my email this is a Belgian award...hmmm...not much to say about that...but look! It's a cool one! Three cheers for Belgian Homer!

Is it just me...

Or does this award look really cool?

This award really does look cool, I think. I mean, how else can you describe it but cool? I think it's cool. I heard some people stole this award from its creator. That's not cool at all.

Award number nine...

Now THIS is a fun award!

Not only is it another(!) award for excellence, but it's a HOMER award! You know, I really doubt you can ever have too much of these things.

The PERFECT award to round off my collection to 10...

Homer's Top 5% Of All Simpsons Pages Award

I am in AWE of myself right now...

I can not believe I won this...I mean, am I wrong? Is this not the ULTIMATE Simpsons award? And the best part? I didn't steal it! Somebody pinch my's dreaming!

Take a moment to read this, as I give your browser a short break from chug-chug-chuggin' away.

That's right..NINETEEN (count 'em) awards to date for my site, which is still under construction, and far in its Salad Days! The attention and words of praise I have received for this site are reason enough for me to come back and do it some more, which should answer the question I get a lot ("You don't get paid? Why bother doing it?") See, I do it for YOU, the fans of The Simpsons that would like pictures, info, and opinions on a really great show, and these awards just go to show that it really is appreciated. I'd like to thank everyone who visited my site, and also those who were kind enough to grace me with these awards. Thanks again, to everybody!--Phil J. Reed

Ready for the next bunch?

My first award on the other side of the 10 barrier...

A really great award from a really great site!

This is definitely a cool looking award...and it's got Homer! I also suggest you take a look at the site that gave this to me. Do you have half a brain? Then you shouldn't be disappointed!

I'm going for the gusto...on the road to 15...

And the awards just keep on coming!

Little did I know when I started this site because I was bored on a rainy day that it would turn into a big project for me. A big, multiple award winning project! Wow. I really have to thank everybody who gave me these. It really means a lot.

"I've never felt so accepted in my life. These people look deep within my soul and assign me a number based on the order in which I join."

Lucky award number 13!

Another award based on an actual episode, and one that made it into "33 Short Films About Springfield." You DID read "33 Short Films About Springfield," didn't you? This is also one of the toughest awards on the WEB to win! Take a look at the page that gave this to me, and read the requirements!

Award number 14!

Devin's Simpsons Award :

So close to 15...I can SMELL it...that IS 15 that I smell...right?

My very first McBain award...and for all I know it's the WEB's very first! That wacky McBain...always up to SOMEthing...

15 awards! Oh, does the overwhelming joy ever end?

I made it to 15! And with the cutest darn Simpsons award I have ever seen! (But I don't know...that McBain one above comes pretty close...)

I made it! I made it to 15! The next milestone is 20! I can not believe this. This is astounding even to me. When I came up with the idea for this page, I had a feeling it was a good one. But now these people have gone and proved it to me. Thank you. Everyone. In particular the patrons of this page, who give me reason to keep this project up and running. I couldn't have done it without you guys, and remember, a little piece of all these awards belong to you! Crying yet? Didn't think so. Ah well. Maybe next time... we go...look out 20...I'm on a roll!


Yes! Yes! Can you believe it?

Not only is this a (woohoo) award for (woohoo) excellence, but it's a (woohoo) award for being (woohoo) SITE OF THE MONTH!! (WOOHOO!!) Alright, I did it! My site has won it! If all of these people like my page so much before the new index page, I wonder how many awards I'll get AFTER I put it up!

Yeah! Finally, an award with a Wiggum!

Wiggum and a catch phrase, all in one award. Ladies and gentlemen, we have entered nirvana.

I can't believe it...every day 20 rolls closer and closer. I really hope I hit it. My goal right now is to hit 20. That's all I ask's not much. But there are two things I won't do to reach that goal. First, I won't beg. Second, I won't steal. Whatever you see on this site has been earned fair and square. On that you have my word.

Yes, you read correctly...


I won site of the week! That's a full seven days of my reign as best! Sure, it may not SOUND like long, but keep in mind that it's a day longer than it took to build the planet Earth!

My number of awards keep on climbing...kind of reminds me of that game on "The Price is Right." You know, the one with that mountain climber guy. I know, I know, it's a dumb game, but it's better than my site resembling "Plinko."

There is only one thing you can possibly say about this award...


Wow! Number 19! Just one more and I hit 20! And come on...come on...admit's cute! You know, I had another cute award a little while ago...hey, it came from the same site! And what a site it is! Be sure to check it out! Wow. 19 awards. It seems like only yesterday I put up this site. Nothing more than the index page promising things to come. But now I have 19 awards! And it seems like only yesterday my counter reset for no reason. Hey, it WAS yesterday! Argh, I hate that counter. I just deleted the bloody thing. Jeez. Ah well, I had a good number of people coming, and I still do. I guess I'll just have to rely on the guestbook instead...

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